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Nail Care

Manicure - Painted Nails - Flower

Manicure & Pedicure services across North Devon

Your hands and feet are involved with just about everything your day-to-day routine requires; which makes it particularly difficult to keep them looking healthy and radiant.

We receive customers at our relaxing treatment room just outside Bideford, as well as travelling to homes and workplaces across North Devon to deliver the highest quality pedicure and nail care.


Revive and relax your hands, with one of our expertly delivered treatments:

  • Standard “maintenance” manicure – (cleanse, cuticle work, nails cut & filed, hand massage and hand cream) – £15
  • Standard manicure with polish – (as above, plus polish) – £20
  • Luxury manicure – Soak, exfoliating scrub, nails cut/filed/shaped, cuticle work, hand mask, hand & arm massage and long lasting polish – £25


Refresh and soothe your feet with one of our tempting treatments:

  • Foot health pedicure – (cleanse, hard skin, cuticle work, nails cut/filed, foot massage & foot cream) – £20
  • Foot health pedicure with polish – (as above, with polish) – £25
  • Luxury pedicure – Soak, exfoliating scrub, nails cut/filed/shaped, cuticle work, hard skin removal, foot mask, foot & leg massage and long lasting polish – £30


Why not let us take care of all your nails in one sitting?

  • Standard mani-pedi – £35 / £45
  • Luxury mani-pedi – £55

“Received the most incredible luxury facial, manicure and pedicure on Friday. Sarah was very professional and has a wonderful private relaxing and beautiful treatment room from home in Frithlestock… the view from the treatment room while having my manicure and pedicure was simply stunning. I would highly recommend.”

D. Henry, Bideford

Pedicure - Painted Nails - Flower

Should you make your mani-pedi a regular thing?

Almost everything you do at home, at work and at play involves your hands and feet. Failing to maintain your nails will leave them looking tired and neglected.

We can help – please see our subscription service to see how convenient and affordable it is to make your mani-pedi session a regular treatment.

Subscription Packages